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Tiling a Roof
Service Overview

T.O.T.L. Construction takes pride in our work.


Roof repair and roof replacement is no exception.

Understanding current roofing codes and new products on the market sets us above our competition,

allowing us to provide the best solution for our customers with the results they desire.

For commercial or residential roofing needs.

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Roof Repair and Roof Replacement
Reliable Roof Repairs
In some cases damage to your roof may be isolated to a single location or to a related accessory of your roof that has developed a leak. A simple repair can be made without baring the cost of a full roof replacement. If you notice a leak in your home do not ignore it. Water leaks lead to an array of issues including deterioration of your structure, ceiling, walls, and the potential for harmful mold to start growing inside your home unknowingly. T.O.T.L. offers roof repair services for all types of roofs so call us today for a free roof inspection.

Roof Replacements

As roofs age, they become weakened which can result in costly repairs. If your roof is past it’s life expectancy or if you are noticing you are having to
repair your roof often, it may be time to replace the entire roof.
Whether you’re looking for a new roof, extension or advice on installation, our expert roofers are on hand to discuss your project and advise you on
what will work best based on your goals, style and practical needs. With our certified roof inspection team we will walk you through the roof
replacement process from identifying damage to your roof to the high quality replacement material we provide.

We offer FREE inspections, damage assessment report, and with customer approval, we will work directly with your insurance adjuster for hail or wind damage claims taking the stress off of you.

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